An INNOVATION perfect for working and leisure snowmobiles.
A world premiere now available at your snowmobile dealer.

Ski-Cab introduces an innovation: we introduce the first cabin for snowmobiles in the world

A perfect combination of design, stability and protection for a quality cabin

An innovation that follows the aerodynamic design of the snowmobile, yet maintains the proper function of the cabin, to protect and insulate the user who is working or travelling for a long time under the winter weather. The SKI-CAB is equipped with innovative solutions and modern technologies that make it stable and fully isolated.  SKI-CAB SC1 is fitted with a simple procedure onto the main brands and models of snowmobiles: BRP, ARTIC CAT, YAMAHA AND POLARIS. Designing and later production of the SKI-CAB snowmobile cab is entrusted to skilled designers and workers, who take care of assembly to the smallest details, ensuring its quality.